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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

System Availability
4am - 8pm

Thursday (non-pay week)
4am - 2pm

Due to Core-CT early confirm, ePay will be unavailable from 2pm on Wednesday 2/10 through 4am Thursday 2/11.
Training Materials
Personal Information
  • Address Change
  • Name Change
  • Other Resources
  • Compatiblity Mode
  • FAQs
  • Paycheck Information Self Service (ePay)
    Paycheck information is accessible online through the State of Connecticut Core-CT Portal. Employees are also able to view and make online changes to the personal information that appears on their paychecks or online direct deposit statements.

    Please note that current cycle paycheck information is not viewable in ePay until Thursday of pay week.

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    First Time User?
    If you have received your first paycheck, your ePay account has been automatically created. Please see the Instructional Guide or Video Tutorial on the left under "Training Materials" to learn what your user id and temporary password are, how to complete "My System Profile" and how to view your paycheck information.
    Need Assistance?
    If you need assistance, the most efficient way to have your issue resolved is to log a ticket using the "ePay Help Request Form" above. These tickets are monitored by multiple staff members and provide us with the necessary account information to ensure that your issue is resolved quickly and properly.

    System Information

    "Forgot My Password" Function
    If you have forgotten your password, please do not attempt to sign in more than (5) five times. Doing so will lock your account and you will have to log a ticket for it to be unlocked. Please use the "Forgot My Password" function to have a new password sent to you by email. Please note that the "Forgot My Password" function will NOT work if you have not set up BOTH your email and security question in "My System Profile". Please see the "My System Profile" instructions below for further information.
    My System Profile Setup Instructions
    1. Once signed in, click on the “My System Profile” link on left of the Core-CT home page.
    2. Click on the “Change or set up forgotten password help” link.
    3. Select a question from the list and type the answer in the box provided. Click “Ok” to save.
    4. In the Email section of this page, check off the primary email account box, select an email type of “Business” and then enter your email address (we recommend you use your UConn email address, but you can use a personal address as well).
    5. Click “Save” to complete your changes.
    Core-CT ePay Password Policies
    • All passwords expire in ninety (90) days. Users will be warned for fifteen (15) days prior to the password expiration.
    • Five (5) logon attempts are allowed before the account is locked out.
    • The password can not match the User ID.
    • Passwords must be at least eight (8) characters in length, three (3) of which must be numbers.
    • Six (6) passwords are retained in the system

    ePay Communications

    The following is a list of ePay communcations that have been sent out to the University community since ePay went live in April of 2013.