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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Core-CT - FAQs

Logging in to Core-CT

How do I get to the Core-CT Portal?
The Core-CT Portal can be accessed through the Core-CT page on the Payroll Department's website. It is recommended that you add this link to your “Favorites”.
How do I reset my NetID password?
Please visit the NetID resources page:
What browsers can I use to log in to Core-CT?
If you are trying to log in using an uncertified browser, the Core-CT home page will prompt you with a list of approved browsers.
If I leave the university, will I still have access to my online statements?
No, the online access is for active employees only.
I do not have access to a computer, how can I view my paycheck information or update my name and/or address?
If you do not have access to a computer, please see your supervisor for assistance.

ePay Paycheck Information

When can I view my pay check?
The paycheck/advice that you would normally receive on pay day (every-other Thursday) is accessible on that payday (Thursday). You may access your paycheck data from the previous two years during normal system availability.
When can I access the Core-CT Portal to view my paycheck?
You may access the system during the following times:
Daily from 4am to 8pm
Thursday Non-Pay Week from 4am to 2pm

Core-CT system availability may change unexpectedly on short notice. Please check the Payroll website for up-to-date information.
I don’t understand the information on my statement.
The Payroll website contains documentation to assist employees with understanding the information on their pay stub. To view this documentation, please visit the ePay page on the Payroll Department website.
I clicked on the paycheck link and nothing is happening. What is wrong?
Please check your pop-up blocker settings. You may need to allow pop-ups from this site.
I still receive a paper check. Can I access my information online as well?
Yes, all active employees may access their payment information online.
I work at UConn and another state agency. How can I access both of my pay statements?
You will be able to access the pay statements for all of your state jobs by using the Core-CT Portal.

ePay Personal Information

When can I submit a request for name change?
You may submit a request for a name change at any time during the normal system availability. Please note that your name will not be updated in the system until a copy of your updated social security card is presented to the Payroll Department.
I changed my name 6 months ago, but forgot to update it with the Payroll department. What effective date should I use for my name change request?
The effective date will automatically populate with the current date. Please do not change this date. Your name change will not be retroactive in the system.
Should I use the current date for my address change too?
No, you must use the actual date that your address changed since there may be an impact on your benefits (in-state coverage vs. out-of-state coverage).
Do I need to complete the Personal Information Change form in addition to making the online request for Name and/or Address Change?
No, you will only need to submit the online request.
I submitted a name and/or address change but it is not reflected in my online statement. How long will it take to be updated?
It can take up to 2 weeks for you to see this change reflected. Please note that your current statements will reflect the changes. Your past online statements will not reflect the change.
My phone number does not appear in Core-CT. Should I add it?
No, UConn is only using the Core-CT Name and Address change functionality, since this information is included on your paycheck (and phone number is not). For personal information changes other than name and address, please continue to use the appropriate change form(s) located on the Human Resources Online Forms Page.
Why is my Original Start Date in Core-CT different than my hire date at UConn?
The Original Start Date field is populated with the effective date of the creation of your original employment record in the Core-CT system. This date may represent employment that is not applicable to your service time calculations (such as student employment or seasonal employment) and may differ from the date(s) used by the Department of Human Resources for various service time calculations.