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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Tax and W2 Information - FAQs
Can I access my W-2 information online?
Yes, your W-2 is available through the State of Connecticut Core-CT Portal.
Will the Payroll Department provide me with the numbers from my W-2, over the phone?
The Payroll Department will distribute over 19,000 W-2 forms this year. We are happy to help you understand your W-2 form; however, given this volume, we ask that you do not call for W-2 amounts in lieu of waiting for (or referring to) the actual W-2 form. If you require year-end tax information before you receive your W-2 form, please refer to your final check stub of the year.
I received earnings from more than one UConn/State of Connecticut position. How many W-2 forms will be issued for me?
All of your State of Connecticut earnings will be combined in ONE W-2 form.
Why does the year-to-date amount on my last check stub differ from the amount reported as “wages, tips, and other compensation” on my W-2 form?
Your W-2 form only reflects your taxable earnings. Your taxable earnings represent your gross earnings less before-tax deductions such as health/dental insurance and retirement contributions.
What does code DD, in box 12e, represent? I have never seen this code before.
Code DD is a new item on your W-2 form which represents the aggregate employee and employer cost of your medical and prescription benefits (please note that dental costs are not included). Section 6051(a)(14) of the Affordable Care Act requires that employers report these expenses on the W-2 form. Additional information regarding this new requirement is available under Employer-Provided-Health-Coverage-Informational-Reporting-Requirements:-Questions-and-Answers on the IRS website.