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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Student Labor and Work Study Payrolls

Student Sick


Address Changes

Student employees may update their personal information via the Student Administration System (PeopleSoft). The address entered as the “home address” is the address that is printed on checks. If they do not see a change on their check stub after updating the Student Administration System, please have the student contact the Payroll Department at (860) 486-2423.

Check Location

Student checks are claimed by work departments on alternating Thursdays. Student earnings, whether student labor or work-study; are combined in one, single payment. Their check location is assigned to the department for whom they have worked the longest amount of time and earned the most money. Students may request to have their check location changed by contacting the Payroll Department.

Students who begin working for a new department after an absence from the payroll are encouraged to confirm their new check location with the Payroll Department. Occasionally, first checks from new departments will be coded to former work departments.

FICA Tax Exemption & Refunds

Social Security tax appears on their check stub as OASDI/EE. Medicare appears as MED/EE. Per section 3121(b)(10) of the Internal Revenue Code, student employees are exempt from Social Security & Medicare (FICA) taxes during the academic year, and over the summer if actively enrolled in classes. Students must notify their supervisor if they are taking classes while working over the summer in order to make sure that these taxes are not withheld.

If FICA taxes are withheld from their earnings while they are actively enrolled in classes, please have the student contact the Payroll Department to request a refund. They will be asked to provide proof of enrollment in the form of a fee bill or a printout from the Student Administration System that verifies payment.