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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

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Student Payroll Processing & Required Paperwork

Excerpts taken from the "Office of Student Financial Aid Services - Student Employment" Employment Guide.

General Information

The Student Labor payroll is open to all University of Connecticut students regardless of financial need. Positions are funded through the hiring department’s own funds. Students may work at the Storrs campus or any of the regional campuses.

The Work-Study payroll is a federally funded financial aid work program for students with a demonstrated financial need, as calculated by the Office of Student Financial Aid Services. It is awarded based on student need, enrollment status, and available funding. Work-Study students may work at any UConn campus or at approved off-campus non-profit, federal, state, or municipal agencies. Students wishing to work at an off-campus agency must contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment area staff to initiate the appropriate contract/employment paperwork. Students may not work at any off-campus agency before receiving approval from Student Employment.

Each fall semester, a deadline is established by which time students must secure a Work-Study position in order to retain their Work-Study awards. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment for specific dates.

Payroll authorization entry should occur after the student has accepted a Student Labor or Work-Study job. Delays in authorization entry may result in late timecard generation and delays in payment of student wages. Deadlines for payroll authorization entry are found on the Payroll Department WINJA webpage.

Hiring Students

Departments must have the following information to enter an authorization in WINJA

  • Funding Source for Payment – If the student does not have a Work-Study award, the student may only be employed on the Student Labor payroll. If a student’s Work-Study award has been expended, the student must be paid for hours worked via the department’s student labor funds. Departments should track Work-Study earnings balances to facilitate timely entry of student labor authorizations as needed.
  • Start and End Dates – Bi-weekly pay periods begin on Friday and end on the second following Thursday. In the WINJA system, all start and end dates must correspond to payroll time periods. For example, if a student begins working in the middle of a pay period, indicate the student’s authorized start date as the first date of that pay period.

    For Work-Study students, the start and end dates for payroll are specific to the award period. The Work-Study end date will always be pre-populated in the Winja payroll system. If the Work-Study student begins employment in the middle of an award period, the start date should correspond to the pay period start dates.
  • Payroll Authorization Amounts – For student labor authorizations, this field may be left blank. Conversely, departments have the option to indicate the projected earnings to be encumbered during the authorization period. This will not prevent departments from paying over the authorized amount, but will allow the designated amount to be encumbered within the FRS system.

    For Work-Study authorizations, any unencumbered Work-Study amount designated for that student will automatically populate in the authorization amount field.

    Departments may check the WINJA system to verify total Work-Study award amounts for students. Students planning to earn their Work-Study awards in more than one position (either concurrently or sequentially), should complete the appropriate form (Split or Unencumber) to communicate their wishes to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment.

  • Job Code – Must correspond with the job title and duties specific to that position (Available on the Student Employment Website).
  • Pay Rate – Must correspond with the student’s job duties and the job code given (Available on the Student Employment Website).
  • Payroll UBox – These differ from mailing unit codes. Questions about Payroll UBox codes should be directed to Maribel Ortiz in Payroll (486-1139).
WINJA will perform a check during the authorization entry to determine whether or not the student is an active UConn student. Please refer to the following sections of the Guide for details about student payroll eligibility within the Student Employment Website: “Enrollment Requirements for Students Hired on the Student Labor Payroll” and “Federal Work-Study Employment”.

Non-UConn students should not begin work until approval has been received from the Office of Student Financial Aid Services.

Pre-Employment Paperwork for Newly Hired Students

Storrs campus students who are brand new to the Student Labor or Work-Study payrolls must report to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment to complete the I-9 form prior to or on their first day of work. Students at the regional campuses should report to their designated business/ employment offices to complete form I-9. Supervisors should ensure that students bring the appropriate original supporting documentation. Student Employment does not complete form I-9′s for international students (non-resident aliens).

Pre-Employment Paperwork for Newly Hired International Students

When an international student is hired, the student must contact Karla Desjardins in Payroll ( or 860-486-5763) or Ellen Lowe ( to set up an appointment to complete all necessary I-9 and tax documentation. Email is the preferred mode of communication for this purpose.

The Payroll office is located on the third floor of the John J. Budds Building on the Storrs campus. Employing departments at the regional campuses must send I-9 and tax information to Karla Desjardins in the Payroll Department (U-1111) for approval.

The student’s payroll authorization will not be approved until all items are reviewed. The student must not be allowed to begin work until the hiring department receives acknowledgment from Payroll that the student is eligible to work. If the student is allowed to work before authorized, the student’s eligibility to remain in this country may be jeopardized.

Rehiring Students

If the student previously worked on either payroll (Work-Study or Student Labor), but has had a significant break in service, the student’s I-9 form must be updated. If there has been a significant break in service, a reverification of the old form I-9 or new form I-9 must be completed. In either case, supervisors must instruct the student to report to the Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment with original documents prior to or on their first day of work.

Continuously Employed Students

If the student has been employed continually at UConn, without any significant breaks in service, an I-9 update is not required unless the student has changed his/her name or employment eligibility status (e.g., citizenship status).