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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Direct Deposit

IMPORTANT: Please click on this link to read the public advisory regarding Direct Deposit Phishing Scams.

The Benefits of Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is recommended for all University of Connecticut employees.  Direct deposit enables you to avoid the inconvenience of manually depositing a check each pay period.  It also protects against the loss or theft of checks.  Payments made via direct deposit are timely and reliable and the funds from direct deposit payments are accessible earlier than the funds from checks. Employees who reside outside of Connecticut, or who work at regional campuses, are strongly encouraged to participate in direct deposit.
Direct Deposit Authorization
Although many financial institutions have their own direct deposit forms, you must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement in order to establish a direct deposit at the University of Connecticut.  You will be asked to provide the following bank information:
  • Routing Number: The first set of numbers that appear at the bottom of your bank-issued checks. The routing number is always nine digits long. If you are unsure of your routing number, please contact your bank.
  • Account Number: Your complete account number (numeral digits only).
  • Account Type: You must indicate an account type of checking or savings.

The Pre-note Process

Each new direct deposit account that is entered into the State’s Core-CT system must pass the State’s “pre-note process.”  During this period, paper checks continue to be issued while the new account is tested.  A $0.01 deposit will be made to the new account on the pay date preceding the direct deposit effective date.  The initial set-up of a direct deposit takes one to two pay periods to complete.

Secondary Direct Deposit Authorization
The Secondary Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement allows those employees, who already have direct deposit with the State of Connecticut, to establish direct deposit to a second account.  There are two options available for the distribution of net earnings between two direct deposit accounts:
  • Option I: Flat Amount Deposit allows you to specify a dollar amount that is to be deposited into a secondary account while the balance of your net earnings is deposited into your original, established account.
  • Option II: Percentage Split allows you to create a percentage split (80%/20%, 60%/40%, etc.) of your net earnings between your established account and your secondary account.  Please note that the implementation of Option II causes an actual check to be issued during the pre-note process (i.e. the established account is reduced to the specified percentage and a check is issued for the remaining net balance).

Please do not submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement and Secondary Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement at the same time; we are unable to process a secondary direct deposit request until you have already begun receiving payments to your primary account.

Stopping a Direct Deposit

In order to stop direct deposit for an upcoming payment, a new Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement must be submitted to the Payroll Department by Tuesday of non-pay week.  Do not close an account before stopping your direct deposit.  If an account is closed before the Payroll Department is notified, payment may be delayed while funds are recovered and an off-cycle check is generated.

With the exception of a separation from permanent employment, direct deposit remains in effect until you request to inactivate it.  Student employees (graduate and undergraduate) and temporary employees (special payroll) should note that even when they have breaks in State employment, their direct deposit will remain active. 

Changing a Direct Deposit

Changes to direct deposit accounts generally take two pay periods to process.  An actual check will be issued between the inactivation of your current account and the activation of your new account.  As with stopping a direct deposit, requests to change a direct deposit must be received by Tuesday of non-pay week for a check to be issued the following week.

Reporting Accounts Closed Due to Fraudulent Activity

Please contact the Payroll Department immediately if your direct deposit account must be closed due to fraudulent account activity.  If the Payroll Department receives notice after Wednesday of non-pay week regarding a closed account, your following week’s payment may be delayed.

Payments from Other State of Connecticut Agencies

Once a request for direct deposit has been processed, all State of Connecticut earnings will be issued via direct deposit regardless of state agency.

Separation from Employment

Direct deposit is automatically inactivated as part of the separation process for permanent employees.  Employees who separate from the classified or unclassified payrolls will receive their final payments in the form of actual checks.