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2016 - 2017 Rates


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Graduate Assistant Resources

Welcome to the Graduate Assistant Resources Page

We encourage you to review the documentation on these pages. If you have questions that cannot be answered by navigating through the Payroll website, please refer to the contact list below for assistance.

Graduate Payroll Manager
Gena Twarz
(860) 486-6797
Graduate School
Laura Stone
(860) 486-7181
Bursar's Office - Fee Bill Issues
Nina Sacco or Jane Prouty or
Health Insurance
Katie Kruszewski
Bailey Agencies, Inc
15 Thames ST Suite 100
Groton, CT 06340
Direct Line: (860) 326-3085
Main Line: (860) 446-8255 x102
Fax: (860) 448-1608
Graduate Student Senate Office
Student Union, Room 213
2110 Hillside Rd, U-3061
Storrs, CT 06269-3008

About Assistanships

What is a Graduate Assistantship (GA)?
  • An assistantship (teaching assistantship or research assistantship) is awarded to a graduate student who provides teaching or research support to the University that is a part of his/her academic program. Note that all assistantships must be administered through an academic department. Detailed information can be found in the Graduate School Graduate Catalog: Assistantships, Fellowships, and other Aid
How many hours a week do I have to work to qualify for a Graduate Assistantship position?
  • The holder of a full assistantship devotes one-half of available time to studies and one-half (approximately 20 hours per week) to assistantship duties, while the holder of a half assistantship devotes three-quarters of available time to studies and one-quarter (approximately 10 hours per week) to assistantship duties.
What is the typical time period for Graduate Assistantship appointments?
  • Appointments are ordinarily made for a nine-month period, August 23 through May 22, but shorter appointments may be made for a variety of reasons.

Your Paycheck and Taxes

How often will I receive a paycheck?
  • GA’s receive their payments in equal biweekly installments. **Please note that the first and final payments are usually prorated.**
What dates will I be paid for my Graduate Assistantship?
  • Payroll authorization dates for full academic year (fall/spring) assistantships are August 23rd through May 22nd.
Where do I pick up my paycheck?
  • Physical paper checks are sent to the GA’s home department every other Thursday afternoon (payweek).
What if I want to have my paycheck deposited directly into my checking or savings account? What forms do I need? Where do I pick up my Advice of Deposit statement?
  • Advice of Deposit statements are not printed by the State Comptroller’s Office. You can view your Advice of Deposit statements by accessing Core-CT ePay.
What happens if I sign my offer letter after I arrive on campus? Will I be paid on time?
  • If your paperwork is delayed for any reason, it will affect the date of the first paycheck. Please contact your hiring department to see when your paperwork was sent to Payroll.
Where do I go to process a Name or address change?
  • Students must update their address through their PeopleSoftStudentAdmin account.
I updated my address in PeopleSoft Student Admin, but my paycheck still shows the old address. Who should I contact to correct my pay stub? I’m an International Graduate Assistant; who can assist me with completing the Federal W-4 and CT-W4 forms? What forms do I need to fill out?

Graduate Assistant Payroll Processing Deadlines: 2016-2017

SmartHR Deadline Pay Period Check Date Pay Confirm
11/4/2016 11/11/2016 - 11/24/2016 11/25/2016 11/17/2016
11/18/2016 11/25/2016 - 12/8/2016 12/9/2016 12/1/2016
11/30/2016 12/9/2016 - 12/22/2016 12/23/2016 12/15/2016
12/6/2016 12/23/2016 - 1/5/2017 1/6/2017 12/29/2016
12/6/2016 1/6/2017 - 1/19/2017 1/20/2017 1/12/2017
1/13/2017 1/20/2017 - 2/2/2017 2/3/2017 1/26/2017
1/27/2017 2/3/2017 - 2/16/2017 2/17/2017 2/9/2017
2/10/2017 2/17/2017 - 3/2/2017 3/3/2017 2/23/2017
2/24/2017 3/3/2017 - 3/16/2071 3/17/2017 3/9/2017
3/10/2017 3/17/2017 - 3/30/2017 3/31/2017 3/23/2017
3/24/2017 3/31/2017 - 4/13/2017 4/14/2017 4/6/2017
4/7/2017 4/14/2017 - 4/27/2017 4/28/2017 4/20/2017
4/21/2017 4/28/2017 - 5/11/2017 5/12/2017 5/4/2017
5/5/2017 5/12/2017 - 5/25/2017 5/26/2017 5/18/2017

Required Paperwork

Below is an overview of the paperwork required by Payroll from departments by the published deadlines to ensure timely and accurate payment. Please do not hold signed GR04 Screen Prints and Offer Letters while waiting for I-9's and Tax forms to be completed. Please contact your department administator with any questions.

New Hire

GAs who have NEVER been employed on the graduate payroll.

What Payroll Needs


For GAs who have taken one or more semesters off.

What Payroll Needs

Renewal Of Assistantship

FALL semester continuations ONLY. For GAs who were employed through the previous spring semester. Please note that your GA may have been employed in a different department during the spring. If this is the case, you must contact Payroll to have the record access rights transfered to your department.

What Payroll Needs

  • GR04 Screen Print with original signature(s)
  • Signed Offer Letter

Salary Increase

For salary changes from level B to M, or from M to P. Never use when the change is effective, retroactively, to the beginning of the FALL semester.

What Payroll Needs

  • GR04 Screen Print with original signature(s)
  • Signed Offer Letter

Percent Change

For decreasing or increasing percentage of employment. Never use when the change is retroactively effective to the beginning of the FALL semester.

What Payroll Needs

  • GR04 Screen Print with original signature(s)
  • Signed Offer Letter


When a Graduate Assistantship is ending, even if the GA is separating on the authorization end date. At the end of the Spring semester, do not separate a GA who will return for the Fall semester.

What Payroll Needs

  • GR04 Screen Print with original signature(s)

Paperwork Flow

Paperwork Flow

About Stipends

Will I receive a stipend and how do I know what my payment will be?
  • A Graduate Assistant receives a stipend based on their level of progress toward an advanced degree. Level 1 (B) GA has at least the baccalaureate, Level 2 (M) Graduate Assistants in a doctoral program with at least the master’s degree or its equivalent in the field of graduate study. Equivalency consists of twenty-four credits of appropriate course work beyond the baccalaureate completed at the University of Connecticut, together with admission to a doctoral program, Level 3(PhD) students with experience as Graduate Assistants who have at least the master’s degree or its equivalent and who have passed the doctoral general examination.
How do I know what I should be paid as a GA?
  • Stipend rates for Graduate Assistants are granted in terms of progress toward the advanced degree and experience. The Graduate School catalog lists descriptions for each category of payment.
What has to happen if I started at UCONN and my pay rate should have been at a higher level based on the Graduate School Catalog?
  • Pay level increase eligibility is the responsibility of the Graduate Assistant. Please make sure to submit the necessary documents to the Graduate School in a timely manner.
What happens if I submitted all the necessary documents to the Graduate School and my pay level is still incorrect?
  • Stipend level increases are not automatically processed. Departments must complete and submit revised payroll authorizations and offer letters to the Payroll Department in order to initiate the increase in stipend level.

Graduate Assistant Stipend Listing: 2015 - 2016

(9.8 pay periods)
(9.7 pay periods)
(19.5 pay periods)
B - Beginners $28,793.00 100.00% $1,107.43 $10,852.81 $10,742.07 $21,594.89
75.00% $830.58 $8,139.68 $8,056.63 $16,196.31
50.00% $553.72 $5,426.46 $5,371.08 $10,797.54
M - Masters $30,297.00 100.00% $1,165.27 $11,419.65 $11,303.12 $22,722.77
75.00% $873.96 $8,564.81 $8,477.41 $17,042.22
50.00% $582.64 $5,709.87 $5,651.61 $11,361.48
D - DVM Residency Program $31,991.00 100.00% $1,230.43 $12,058.21 $11,935.17 $23,993.39
75.00% $922.83 $9,043.73 $8,951.45 $17,995.19
50.00% $615.22 $6,029.16 $5,967.63 $11,996.79
P - PhD $33,683.00 100.00% $1,295.50 $12,695.90 $12,566.35 $25,262.25
75.00% $971.63 $9,521.97 $9,424.81 $18,946.79
50.00% $647.75 $6,347.95 $6,283.18 $12,631.13

Offer Amount Quick Reference Guide

OFFER AMOUNT = (# Of Pay Periods) X (Biweekly $)
  • 8/23/15-5/22/16 = 19.5 Pay Periods (Full Academic Year)
  • 8/23/15-1/06/16 = 9.8 Pay Periods (Fall Semester Only)
  • 1/06/16-5/22/16 = 9.8 Pay Periods (Spring Semester Hires)
  • 1/07/16-5/22/16 = 9.7 Pay Periods (Spring Continuations)

Graduate Assistant Stipend Listing: 2016 - 2017

(9.8 pay periods)
(9.7 pay periods)
(19.5 pay periods)
B - Beginners $29,657.00 100.00% $1,140.66 $11,178.47 $11,064.40 $22,242.87
75.00% $855.50 $8,383.90 $8,298.35 $16,682.25
50.00% $570.33 $5,589.23 $5,532.20 $11,121.44
M - Masters $31,206.00 100.00% $1,200.23 $11,762.25 $11,642.23 $23,404.49
75.00% $900.18 $8,821.76 $8,731.75 $17,553.51
50.00% $600.12 $5,881.18 $5,821.16 $11,702.34
D - DVM Residency Program $32,951.00 100.00% $1,267.35 $12,420.03 $12,293.30 $24,713.33
75.00% $950.52 $9,315.10 $9,220.04 $18,535.14
50.00% $633.68 $6,210.06 $6,146.70 $12,356.76
P - PhD $34,694.00 100.00% $1,334.39 $13,077.02 $12,943.58 $26,020.61
75.00% $1,000.80 $9,807.84 $9,707.76 $19,515.60
50.00% $667.20 $6,538.56 $6,471.84 $13,010.40

Offer Amount Quick Reference Guide

OFFER AMOUNT = (# Of Pay Periods) X (Biweekly $)
  • 8/23/16-5/22/17 = 19.5 Pay Periods (Full Academic Year)
  • 8/23/16-1/05/17 = 9.8 Pay Periods (Fall Semester Only)
  • 1/05/17-5/22/17 = 9.8 Pay Periods (Spring Semester Hires)
  • 1/06/17-5/22/17 = 9.7 Pay Periods (Spring Continuations)

Fee Bill Payroll Deductions

Graduate Assistants (excluding the UConn Health Center) are eligible to use payroll deduction as a method of paying University fees not covered by their tuition waiver. There is no additional cost for participating in the payroll deduction plan. The biweekly deduction will depend on the number of pay cycles you choose to have the deductions taken from your paycheck.

Where do I go to sign up for a payroll fee bill deduction? How can I view my e-billing statement? Who do I contact if I have questions about my fee bill deduction?
  • Contact the Bursar’s Office Client Service Center at x4830 with any questions or problems. Additionally you can contact or
  • The Payroll Department does not have access to the Student Administration system. Therefore if you have any questions or problems with your fee bill payroll deduction you must contact the Bursar’s Office.
Do I need to include my health insurance charges in the calculations for my total fee bill?
  • Yes, any portion of your health insurance that is not covered by the University’s subsidy will need to be added to your total fee bill amount prior to setting up your payroll fee bill deduction.
When can I expect to see the first payroll deduction in my paycheck?
  • It takes roughly 2 ½ weeks from the time you set up your online fee bill deduction until the time the first deduction is taken from your paycheck.
What if I want to cancel the remaining deductions and pay the balance? How long before the deductions stop coming out of my check?
  • It will take roughly one pay cycle (or two weeks) from when you contact the Bursar’s Office to stop your fee bill deductions.

Fee Bill Late Fees

Why do I have a late fee on my fee bill? My department assured me my tuition waiver would be applied to my account.
  • Occasionally due to late paperwork, a GA may incur a late fee on their fee bill. The tuition waiver was not applied to the fee bill before the Bursar’s Office posted fee bill payment deadline date. Therefore, a late fee posted to the fee bill account. A student can request to have the late fee waived by filling out the "Appeal a Late Fee" form. Late Fee Waiver Form
I’m still not seeing the tuition waiver on my fee bill and now I’m getting late charges. What should I do?
  • If you have registered for the minimum 6 credits of course work AND you are receiving a paycheck and you have paid your term fees, have your department administrative assistant call the Graduate Payroll Manager so the problem can be looked into and resolved for you.

Tuition Waivers

Does the Graduate Assistantship provide a tuition waiver?
  • A Graduate Assistantship offers a full tuition waiver and is provided by the grant/contract funding agency (for research assistants) or the University (for teaching assistants). Tuition (but not the General University Fee, the Graduate Matriculation Fee, or other fees) is waived for Graduate Assistants.
What steps are required in order for the tuition waiver to be applied to my fee bill?
  • You must have an active student status at the Graduate School.
  • Registered for a minimum of six (6) credits of course work.
  • A Graduate Assistant payroll authorization must be processed by your hiring department.
What happens if I’m hired after the semester starts, or leave before the semester ends?
  • If an assistantship begins or terminates during the course of a semester, the tuition waiver may be prorated as determined by the Graduate School and the Bursar’s Office. Students are responsible for any adjustment to the fee bill and balance owed. Contact the Bursar’s office if you have any questions. Partial Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver Calculator for AY 2014-15

Social Security Numbers

The PeopleSoft Student Admin system indicated that the social security number field was optional. Do I need to give my department my social security number?
  • If you did not initially enter a valid SSN in the Graduate Application for Admission (because the field is set up as an ‘optional’ field), and you are hired to work as a Graduate Assistant, then you must update your SSN in the PeopleSoft Student Administration system.  You can do this by either taking your Social Security card to the Graduate School at the Whetten Graduate Center, or by clicking on the following link and completing the Graduate School form. Notification of Change of Social Security Number
  • Note to department - processing the payroll authorization: The (temporary) number can be used to enter the GA’s payroll authorization. However, this number must be updated with a valid SSN. This applies to both international students and domestic students.
I am an International Student. How do I obtain a Social Security Number?

Health Insurance

Please visit the Department of Human Resources page for information on Graduate Health Insurance.

Financial Aid Refund Requests

Refunds checks for excess financial aid are processed automatically if you have a credit balance in your account.

Can I pick up my refund check at the cashier’s window of the Bursar’s office?
  • Check requests require 2-5 business days to process from the time the request is received by the Bursar’s Office. You will receive an email stating a refund was issued. The refund check will be held in the Bursar’s office for 21 days. After that it is mailed to the mailing address on file in PeopleSoftStudentAdmin. Keep in mind if you have a Title IV waiver on file, the Bursar’s office will re-deposit the refund check to the balance.
What if I changed my address and never updated my StudentAdmin account?
  • If a check is mailed to the incorrect postal address you will need to contact the disbursement area of the Bursar’s Office. They will confirm that the check was not cashed. Assuming that it wasn’t cashed, the disbursement office can place a stop payment on the original check and re-issue a new one. It is strongly encouraged that students update their mailing address as soon as there is a change to ensure the correct address is used for mailings.
How do I sign up to receive the refund via direct deposit? What if I don’t want to wait for the automated process?
  • You must go online to request the refund. Please click here to begin the Student Refund Request.
What if I enrolled in direct deposit for my PeopleSoftStudentAdmin account? Do I still need to pick up the refund check from the Bursar’s office?
  • You will receive an email notification once the refund has been initiated with your bank. **Please keep in mind the direct deposit account in PeopleSoftStudentAdmin is not the same direct deposit account for your payroll checks.**

Supplemental University Employment

What do I do if I want to work additional hours outside of my assistantship? I am an International student and I want to work additional hours beyond my GAship?
  • International students may be employed in on-campus student labor positions, however during the fall and spring semesters, international students may work up to twenty (20) hours per week in all jobs combined (including Graduate Assistantships). If a student has multiple on-campus jobs, the combined hours may not be more than twenty (20) hours per week.
What if I am an International student and it is during the intersession or summer session?
  • You may work full-time forty (40) hours per week when school is not in session. This includes the winter intersession, Thanksgiving, spring break, and summer sessions.

Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Short-Term Emergency Interest-Free Loans

Occasionally a GA’s initial payment is delayed typically due to late paperwork. There is a mechanism in place to financially help GA’s until their first paycheck has been issues.

I’m financially strapped and my stipend check is delayed. What resources are available to help me?
  • The Graduate Student Senate offers short-term, interest-free emergency loans to a maximum of $1,000.00 to any graduate student who is registered at the Storrs Campus (or is enrolled in the Marine Sciences or Public Policy programs), is in good financial standing with the University of Connecticut, and meets all other eligibility criteria as outlined in the GSS Short-Term Loan Criteria.
How do I apply for a GSS short-term loan? Is it better to submit the form online or should I go to the Graduate Student Senate office?
  • If you would like to apply for a short-term emergency loan or a loan extension, please print out the relevant form and drop it off at the GSS Office, Student Union Room 213. ** Loan applications are often processed fastest when submitted in-person during GSS Office Hours. **