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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Wage & Employment Verifications

The Payroll Department responds to many different types of requests regarding employment and wages. Verification request forms may be faxed or sent directly to our main office. Most verification forms are completed the same day that they are received. If wage information is to be provided to a third party (attorney, leasing agent, mortgage company, etc.), a release form signed by the employee must accompany the request.

If you require a letter for the purpose of verifying your earnings or deductions, please call the Payroll Department in advance. Indicate the number of copies that you require and make sure that you are as specific as possible regarding the information that is to be provided.

Please note that the Payroll Department is unable to verify future employment. If you must present proof of future employment at UConn, please provide the requesting individual/agency with a copy of your offer letter; or, request a verification letter from your hiring department.