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University of Connecticut Payroll Department

Tax & W-2 Information

Tax Forms
Important Tax Forms
Federal Form W-4
Form CT-W4
For additional information, please refer to the Tax and W2 FAQs page on the Payroll Department website.

Wage Bases & Limitations

2017 $127,200 Beginning in January 2013 individuals whose annual wages and compensation paid is in excess of $200,000 will be subject to an additional 0.9% Medicare Tax. The additional withholding will be reflected in the pay period in which an employee’s compensation exceeds this threshold. More information
2016 $118,500 $255
2015 $118,500 $250
2014 $117,000 $250
2013 $113,700 $245

How To Read Your W-2 Form

** Deductions for health insurance, dental insurance, the retirement health fund, DCAP, 403(b) plan contributions, 457 plan contributions, and retirement contributions are non-taxable. Please see your final check stub from December for year-end deduction totals.
Box 1 Wages, Tips and Other Compensation Your reportable income for federal income tax purposes. This figure is calculated by subtracting your total before-tax deductions (see above **) from your total gross earnings.
Box 3 Social Security Wages Your wages (up to $118,500) that are subject to social security tax. This figure represents your total gross earnings:
  1. Less deductions for health insurance, dental insurance, and the retirement health fund.
  2. Less student labor, work-study, and graduate payroll payments earned during the academic year.
  3. Plus the 1% contribution UConn pays for AAUP employees who have State retirement plans.
Box 10 Dependent Care Benefits The amount deducted for the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP).
Box 12 CODE BB Your contributions to a Roth 403(b) plan (tax sheltered annuity).
CODE DD The aggregate employee and employer cost of your medical and prescription benefits (not including dental insurance).
CODE E Your contributions to a 403(b) plan (tax sheltered annuity).
CODE EE Your contributions to a Roth 457 plan (deferred compensation).
CODE G Your contributions to a 457 plan (deferred compensation).
CODE P Non-taxable moving expense reimbursements.
Box 14 CODE 414H Contributions to your retirement plan.