Rehired Employees & I-9 Section 3

Who is considered a “Rehired Employee”?

  • If there is a break in service even for 1 day, a full I-9 or Section 3 of Form I-9 is required.
  • A leave of absence is not considered a break in service, as the employee’s record stays “Active” in Core CT.  Therefore, employees like graduate assistants and full time faculty generally do not have a “break in service” over the summer/winter breaks.
  • However, employees such as adjunct faculty, students, and anyone else who is separated during the summer/winter break and then rehired at the start of the following semester will need either a full I-9 or Section 3 of Form I-9 upon rehire. 

 How to complete Section 3

What is the benefit of completing Section 3 for rehires vs a full I-9?

Less paperwork and no input needed from the employee!  You simply fill out the section 3 and submit via the SharePoint link Upload I9 here.

Do I need the employee’s original I-9 when completing Section 3?

No, you may use a new blank I-9 to complete section 3.

How do I know when the last full I-9 was submitted?

If you are unsure when the last full I-9 was completed, you may send an email to  Advance notice is greatly appreciated if you have a long list of rehires.

When would I need to complete Section 3 Reverification?

In addition to rehires, Section 3 can also be used to reverify a foreign national employee’s visa /work permit.  If the visa/work permit is renewed or expired, Section 3 should be completed to reverify their employment eligibility.  A copy of the new document and the Section 3 Reverification should be uploaded to Payroll via the SharePoint link Upload I9 here..