Security Liaisons

The role of the HR/Payroll security liaison is to be the security team’s point of contact for security related requests, issues, and communications. Security liaisons are responsible for reviewing security requests and completing the appropriate Core-CT Security Request Form(s). Each department can have up to three (3) liaisons.

To request a change to a security liaison, please contact Seth Jodoin in Payroll at 860.486.9558 or


Department Liaison
Procurement Melanie Savino
Projects Melanie Savino
Facilities Operation Stephanie Rimoczy
Tammie Corioso
Ryan Steinberg
Controller Lorraine Hall
Treasury Services Lorraine Hall
Planning, Architectural, Engineering Services Rosemary Marcellino
Public Safety Candy Ferris
Labor Relations Susan LaMorte
Exec VP & CFO Debbie Carone
Budget & Capital Budget Kelly Wihbey
Environmental Policy Cherie Taylor
Athletics Maureen O’Connor
Cheryl Bertora
Theresa Hallenbeck
Enrollment Management Brianna Zecchini
Audit Compliance and Ethics Karen Violette
Office for Institutional Equity Susan Hoge
General Counsel Mary Rouse
Governmental Relations Susan Locke
University Communications Michelle Long
Research Vice President Michelle Williams
Laurie Pudlo
President Office for Staff Susan Locke
Global Affairs Susan Rosman
Beth Greika
Glenn Tatsuya Mitoma
University Events and Conference Cara Workman
Office for Diversity and Inclusion Jonelle Reynolds
Provost Office Matt Hancock
Kathy Slowik
Tech Park Strategy Matt Hancock
Kathy Slowik
Undergraduate Education Matt Hancock
Kathy Slowik
Public Engagement Matt Hancock
Kathy Slowik
College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Cynthia Bastek
School of Business Angela Lambert-Hustus
School of Engineering Kerrie Alberts
School of Fine Arts Colleen Bridgeman
Graduate Education Kent Holsinger
Victoria Blodgett
Lisa Pane
Ann Wilhelm
Law School Karen DeMeola
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Kane Lynch
Michelle Cahill
School of Education Jeffrey Crouse
School of Nursing Constance Bedan
Catherine Salai
School of Pharmacy Scott Makuch
School of Social Work Bruce Parkhurst
Avery Point Janene Vandi
Waterbury Christine Scott-Dougan
Stamford Nghi Hong
Hartford / West Hartford Nadine Brennan
Dining Services Linda Bergeron
Student Affairs Maureen Armstrong
David Clokey
ITS Rori Ziegwied
Student Health Services Laurie Loehr
Irene Benza
Library Khara Leon
Veteran/Military Program / Svs Nikki Cole
ISS-Administration & Student Success Cynthia Donnelly
Cathie Mirakian
OIRE Nancy Griffin
Enrichment Programs Anabel Perez
Materials Science Institute Kimberly Post
CETL Kathleen Carnelli
Career Development Pamela Zagami
Summer and inter-session William Wan
Kelly Racine